We are moving…

…but don’t worry. I am staying right here. Okay, now you’re confused, right? Well, my blog isn’t going anywhere. And I’m not literally moving out of this house either. We’re just moving forward with our family’s health into a new Paleo and Essential Oils journey. Through my time of being a Feingold mom, I have slowly discovered what works for us and what doesn’t. We have already eliminated all major allergens, and my boy was begging for some of those stage 2 fruits and veggies he couldn’t have. So, it just made sense to go completely Paleo and make his little 6 year old body feel better. Which means also eliminating yeast and sugars. We are just starting towards this transition, but already I can see a big difference in our bodies. I want to blog about this whole journey for you to live it with me. I’ve also discovered the wonderful world of Essential Oils through Spark Naturals and have been using them religiously for many aches, pains and even helping with ADHD/Anxiety. I will get more into that later as I blog on… So come along for the ride, it will be tons of fun!


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