2 months into Kindergarten and…

2014-10-09 11.15.56

He’s been home more days than not. I don’t like the spread of viruses in public places. It started off with a bad cold in early Sept, then he caught Hand Foot Mouth Disease a month later, and now he has what seems like bronchio and a stomach bug. It never ends! My poor guy is so miserable! Let’s not also forget that his 2yo brother has been catching all this too. So I’ve got 2 sick kiddos on my hands now.

2014-10-17 19.52.43

Talking about the littlest, he celebrated being TWO yesterday! CRAY-ZAY! Where has time gone? It seems like just yesterday I was taking him home from the hospital to meet his crazy family.

eli eyes open

He is full of energy. My toddler tornado. He loves trains, especially anything related to Thomas, and wants to watch episodes every waking moment. Silly boy! He talks nonstop and even surprises us with what he knows. His latest additions include “No, I can’t” and “Ah-jah-jah (Elijah) do it. Own.”

He weighs about 28lbs (65th centile) and is 35.75in tall (85th centile). A bit shorter than his brother Sam was at this age, but chunkier. Gotta love nursing for that. Ohh, by the way, we’ve reached my 2yr goal of breastfeeding. YAY! Now I get to slowly wean this child who demands nonstop at night. I need my sleep again! Any tips?

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