kiddo update

The little baby monkey

Age: 17months in 2 days
Weight: 24lbs 12oz
Height: 33in
Clothing: 18m and 18-24m depending on brand
Shoes: 6
Foods: Anything except most grains though. We are still working on that one. Or maybe we should just go complete Paleo instead of GFCF?? His favorites are raisins, carrots, broccoli, fries, chickpea nuggets, coconut yogurt, and black beans.
Activities: He is into trains, cars and airplanes right now. Watches Elmo like his life depends on it, and loves to bounce around all over the place. My baby is no baby anymore! *sniff*

The big-little monkey

Age: 5y 4m
Weight: 44lbs
Height: 4″ tall
Clothing: 6 slim fit
Shoes: 13
Foods: Banana, pumpkin, oatmeal, toast with sunbutter and jelly, Annie’s GFDFSF mac&cheese, broccoli, green beans, carrots, applesauce, chickpea nuggets, and chocolate coconut milk
Activities: Video games! Oh and he loves to play Sorry! with us. I think when the weather is nicer, I will really try to get him to go outside more. I don’t like him being indoors so much because all he does is screen watching (tv, ipad, gameboy, etc)

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