12 months… and 5 years??

Okay, first off, my bebe is 1 year old now! How has it already been 12 months? I mean, it seems like just yesterday I was a big whale, waddling around the house, trying to get him out at 40wks pregnant. Now, Elijah is a rumbling tumbling toddler. His birthday was October 28th but I haven’t had much time to update lately so I’m sorry for being over a week late on this post.

So yeah, he is now 21lbs 2oz heavy, which puts him at the 50th percentile for his age… and 30.25in tall, on the 70th percentile curve. Nice growing, bebe boy!

2013-11-01 14.56.49

He is using a lot of sign language to communicate with us lately. He can sign “milk”, “eat”, “all done”, “more”, “tired”, “thank you” and we’re working on “diaper change”.

He also likes to run everywhere and be into everything. The little booties, even being on backwards, don’t stop him. Oh, by the way, we hopefully get to take them off on December 9th at his next appointment. He has learned to climb the couch now, so we gotta be extra careful watching him in the living room or he’d fall off… That means I have all my attention towards him 24/7 now… Big brother Sam feels a bit left out. Poor kiddo. I’m trying to change that though. I bought him 2 Kindergarten workbooks for us to work on this month. Oh and he loves to play Rayman Legends on the Wii U with his mama. Thats OUR thing. When daddy gets home, the boys are all over him. Playing “pretend Mario” with their stuffed animals.

Overall, we are doing great. Our only big issue now is finances I guess. I am thinking of starting the Zero Spending month tomorrow. Thoughts? Anybody done it before? How did it go? Anybody wanna do it with me??


Anyway, last update for this post? My big guy, Sam. He is gonna be 5 yrs old on the 24th. I just can’t believe how fast it is going. Holy moly! He’s growing into a fine young man. I love my boys!

2013-10-31 11.01.33

Luigi for Halloween

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