Munchkin Meals (11 months old)

So here it is, finally! My MM baby post 🙂

Our day went as follows…

5:30 Wake Up. Way too early for me, but he had fallen asleep at 7pm the night before. He is usually an 8:30-6:30 kinda guy. But yeah, our day started early… We cuddled in bed and then went downstairs to watch some TV.

7:00 I nursed my boy and then we went on with our day.

7:45 Breakfast time! Eli had applesauce oatmeal and ate most of it 🙂



9:15 Time for another nursing and then we got dressed with some cute clothes mama bought the day before at Walmart

9:45 Snack time! Rice-oat cracker, raisins and cucumber pieces… He ate everything but the cucumber. Not a fan of that one, really, I guess. Oh and I gave him a taste of 1oz coconut milk mixed with 1oz almond milk… he didn’t like it. But that was expected. We will try again. I just hope he starts to take it soon as I know my supply is low and he is not getting enough from mama anymore 😦



10:20-11:00 Nap time. It was more like a catnap that day, but he slept long enough that I didn’t try to put him back down when he woke up 40mins later.

11:45 Lunch of tofu “fish” sticks and tartar sauce, and grapes. He ate mostly everything but did not touch the sauce. He devoured the grapes though!



12:30 and 1:45 Nurse again

2:15 Snack of Nutrios cereal that he carried around the living room in his little cup while playing with his brother’s toys



3:00-4:00 He took another nap. Short again, but I guess with teething, the new casts, a growth spurt and a tummy ache the other day, he is not in a napping mood.

4:00 Nursed him again and then we played on the floor together for a bit with daddy who just got home from work.

6:00 Dinner is a bit late today. We usually are ready to eat by 5:15-5:30. Tonight he had a mix of brown rice, red lentils and carrots mashed up together. He tried to feed himself with his spoon. It was cute!



6:45 Nursed again and then I changed him into pj’s for the night.

7:30 Up to the bedroom we went and cuddled while watching Netflix on TV. I nursed him to sleep.

8:15 Down for the night… Well, he is far from sleeping through the night and he still wakes up a gazillion times for feeds, but bedtime was at this hour. 

I hope you enjoyed reading about our day and I will see you again next month for the 12 month (holy moly!!) Munchkin Meals post. Take care everyone!

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