Munchkin Meals

This is my first participation in Munchkin Meals over at AHSOL… but it sure won’t be my last. I love the idea of showing off what my kiddo’s eat, instead of my own plate. Everyone always asks “Soo, what do vegan kiddos eat, anyway?”… Well, here ya go:

Eli’s been doing mostly (sometimes I do spoon feed him some stuff) the Baby-Led Weaning thing lately, so most of his meals are toddler friendly, more than baby pureed stuff for those not aware of what baby-led weaning is. He feeds himself since 6 months old with finger foods. This week has been a bit low on meal ideas, so it’s not super fancy stuff…

I will be updating with another post at the end of the day (or tomorrow morning) with what he ate today. Keep an eye on that!

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