Doctor Appointment Update

Doctor Appointment Update

Well, I was super happy about my boy walking early, at 10 months old. That didn’t last very long. We had a visit at Shriners Hospital on Monday for possible clubfoot issues, and came out of there with casts on both feet. Now he will not stand on them and doesn’t want to revert back to crawling, so I carry him everywhere. And he is a ton more whiny too. I am not liking this 😦 Doctor said we will have a series of casts put on, and then he would need some braces or the booties/bar thing (Ponsetti method) to correct his clubfoot.

My husband was devastated when we were sent to the casting room right then and there, at our first visit. He didn’t want Eli to go through what he did for 3-4yrs of his own child life.. But it’s been almost a week now and we are trying to adjust. Eli is slowly trying to stand now. And eventually he will realize he CAN walk with them. It’s just a matter of time.

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