August Vegan Food Swap

My food swapper this month was Jamie… I just received her package full of goodies 🙂



She definitely sent a mix of yummy stuff:

– First up, SeaSnaxI am strangely addicted to these. We have a GF store right around the corner and they carry them, so I’m always in there getting a new pack. At first bite, they taste weird, but then the spices start this weird reaction in your mouth that you can’t explain, and you just keep going for more and more… until the whole thing is empty. 

– I love Rice Pasta. This is our go to on most nights where I don’t feel like cooking anything. Easy to prepare macaroni with jarred sauce or melted cheesy sauce. I haven’t given this particular brand a try though, so I will keep you all posted on that.

– Cacao Nibs… can’t go without chocolate! haha
I’m not too sure what I’m gonna do with these, but something good for my sweet tooth that’s for sure.

– I love getting random little tea pouches. Tazo makes some awesome ones out there. I have tons of different ones in my cupboard, but ZEN will be a great addition. Thanks, Jamie!

– And last but not least, the little veggie/fruit snack thing. I got some from a previous swapper and they are goooood! Easy way of getting a portion of veggies in your day. You can check them out at Veggie Go’sI like anything with berries in them, so this was a good call too 🙂

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