31 Day Blog Posts:

DAY ONE: Intro and Recent Pic

Okay, here’s an intro for the new peeps following me…
The name’s Sarah, but some also might call me Caroline (my middle name/what I go by with my family since birth). I’m an ALMOST 31 (eeek! 5 days!) year old mama of 2 awesome boys, aged 4 and a half, and 9 months. We live with my Chilean husband in the land of cold, corn and pine trees…. aka Montreal, Canada. I’ve been vegan for 2 years now and trying to go towards a more raw approach lately. I’m an attachment/gentle parenting follower, so if you see me on the street I will probably be babywearing my cloth diapered and breastfed baby boy, while holding the hand of the oldest. I like to watch TV Shows on Netflix, take a walk around the city, go to the park with my kids, hang out with friends and just relax listening to music on most days. That’s pretty much it… you’ll find out more as you read along with me in the next few months/years 🙂

Going downtown a few weeks ago

My boys ❤

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