Our journey into Baby-Led Weaning


6.5mo – Eating a cereal biscuit

Eli and I have been growing quite nicely but slowly along this feeding journey since birth. He is still my boobaholic, eating every 3hrs during the day, and ALL NIGHT long! But once he hit 6mo in April, we decided it was time we try some solids. But I really didn’t want to be stuck feeding him purees for ever (Sam took forever to outgrow purees and still has texture issues at 4.5yo) so I started looking into BLW, where they learn from the start to feed themselves with finger foods. It has worked great and Eli loves food! I must say though that I’ve been lazy as to when he gets something to eat… so now that he’s over 7m, I plan to give him more often and start the weaning process. I will be posting updates on my blog of what he’s been eating and what recipes I’ve been making.

Today’s menu: He had a cereal biscuit and avocado slice for breakfast, and tofu cubes for lunch… dinner? I don’t know yet. I’m a go with the flow kinda gal. 

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