I am currently…

EATING: homemade pumpkin spread on ciabbata bread. Sooo good!

LOVING: my growing bebes! Samuel is 4.5yrs old today and he has learned so much lately, he is amazing me every day with new info… the kid is starting to read! (by the way, readingeggs.com is awesome!) Elijah is gonna be 7mos old in 4 days and he wants to walk already. The kiddo is everywhere and into everything! I have to babyproof! He is crawling so much now, I can’t stop him. And he stands up while holding onto something and tries to cruise along furniture.

MISSING: my good friend Josh. It will be ten years in August and it still feels like just yesterday he was here with me… I don’t like this 😦

MOVING: Well, trying to move Eli into the crib for naps. I cannot hold him 24/7 anymore. But he screams the second I put him down. This will be harder than I thought it would be.

TAKING: stuff out of the dining room and packing it up for donation/selling. We need to downsize!


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