I Am Currently…

Samuel is:

WATCHING a Sonic the hedgehog game on the iPad.

CRAVING attention from his mama.

LOOKING at the iPad while I feed/hold Elijah.

LOVING that is coming in a few hours!

PLANNING to play video games all day (haha, oh to be a 4 yr old!)


I am:

WATCHING my son eat his whole lunch (almond butter & agave wrap, strawberries and cucumbers). This is a first! He never finishes meals and doesn’t usually eat strawberries either. Go Sam!

CRAVING food! I mean, any kind of (vegan) food! I am starving lately… I love Breastfeeding. I can eat whenever/whatever I want and never gain weight. Right now, I’d like a big bowl of ice cream with chocolate syrup though.

LOOKING for meal plan ideas for the weekend. My good friend is coming over and she’s an omni. So I need to stick to things she WILL eat.

LOVING that it’s almost spring! The temperature is climbing, snow is melting and the birds are chirping outside my window.

PLANNING the next few days with the kiddos, husband and best friend. Trying to look for cheap activities around town.


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