February Vegan Food Swap

I got my package in the mail today from Jackie over at The Short Stack Foodie. Everything looks so awesome! Thank you so much!


– The raw chocolate bar (with spirulina) by Giddy Yoyo is divine!! I didn’t think it was possible to have something with spirulina taste good, but wow, I wanted to eat the whole thing! But I was warned not to or I’d feel like boucing off the walls, as if I’d drank WAYYY too much coffee. I get to savor it for a few days then 🙂

– Then there’s the Salad Booster raw, gluten-free, sprouted superfood seasoning. I havent opened the packaging yet, but I imagine it would taste good on almost anything I can sprinkle it on… okay maybe not dessert type things, but everything else that needs a savory boost

Arvinda’s kafir lime leaves, a taste of Thai in every little 5g container. It smells really good!! Can’t wait to try it! Maybe make a tea out of it?

– And the Rice Toast (Thai Red Rice & Flaxseeds) by Edward&Sons.. I loveee those! And it couldn’t come at a better timing. I just made some of my famous red pepper hummus that everyone in the household loves. This will be a great snack for me and the kiddo today…

I am loving this food exchange more and more each month. If you haven’t heard about it, you need to go check out http://www.meshell.ca/blog/veganfoodswap and sign up on this awesome swap across Canada!

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